How to Apply Mascara Perfectly: A Step By Step Tutorial For Beginners

How to Put Mascara without Smudging

They say that the eyes are the windows to your soul, so you could also consider your eyelashes the curtains to your soul. Whether you are going out on a date or attending a small talk, adding a little more oomph to your eyes can give you a brighter look. When it comes to mascaras, many people aren’t sure about the proper steps. While there is no single method to use mascara, there are several steps that can prevent smudges and the likes. Most people are also scared of accidentally pricking their eyes with mascara – but with the right moves, you could avoid that.

Before you can even get to applying mascara, you might be confused about what type is perfect for you. You shouldn’t worry about that, as well. With this list, you can identify your ideal mascara type – as well as get tips that can give your eyes the perfect application that you have always wished for.

Types of Mascara

If you are just starting to apply mascara on your lashes, you might be confused about the different types that are available in the market. From volumizing mascara to waterproof mascara, you might have a hard time picking one that suits your eyes and your preference. Whether you have thin or short eyelashes, there is a type that would be ideal for you. If you want to make the best of your mascara application, it will help to get one that suits you best.

Are you interested in learning about them? Here are the main types of mascara that you may encounter.

Lengthening Mascara – 

  • Do you have short eyelashes? Are your eyelashes a little too straight? Well, if you said yes to one of the previous questions, then lengthening mascaras would be perfect for you. With this type, you can get lashes that look longer than they usually are.
  • This mascara type contains plastic polymers – which are the ideal tools for extending your eyelashes. When you use this, you can get longer, curlier eyelashes that can give you the same benefit as fake eyelashes.

Volumizing Mascara- 

  • Whether you have long or short eyelashes, you may think that they do not seem as full as you would prefer. Does the idea of healthy-looking lashes excite you? With this particular mascara, you can get it – and more.
  • Another name for volumizing mascaras is thickening mascara. While the length of your lashes should be among your considerations, their thickness should be one, too. With this type, you can receive additional volume for your lashes without looking clumpy. With strong pigments in its formula, your lashes can obtain a healthy and seductive appearance.

Curling Mascara-

  • Some people are blessed with naturally curly lashes. For those of us who are not, having curling mascaras is a gift. Since curly eyelashes provide a simple yet attractive appeal, a lot of individuals are interested in it. After all, its appearance can provide an added boost for your entire look.
  • This kind comes with a curved shape wand that can help give you those curls that you are looking for. It also helps provide a definite shape to those who have poorly defined eyelashes. Are you worried that it wouldn’t last for the night? Well, you don’t need to. Most curling mascaras have long-lasting formulas so you can have your perfect look without worrying about the time.

Smudge-Proof Mascara-

  • Are you going to a party that would take hours? Do you have an extended family reunion to attend? If you want a type that would stick for tens of hours, then you should give this one a try. While several formulas can attest to long hours, this kind is the ideal mascara when you need a long-lasting one.
  • When you use mascara, accidental smudging can both be time-consuming and embarrassing. If you want to prevent your application from spilling, you should consider this. With its wax and oil-based formulas, this type would stick like a beautiful glue on your eyes – well, at least until you decide to remove it.

Waterproof Mascara-

  • Whether you are participating in an exercise activity or lounging by the pool, you should take care not to use mascara that may run on your face. After all, it would be embarrassing to talk to your acquaintances and have one of them point out that your mascara is running. If someone does that, you may just end up following your mascara and run away from the person out of shame, too.
  • If you want to keep your mascara in place no matter what the situation is, then you should opt for the waterproof mascara. From sweat to rain, it will prevent any unfortunate incident. With its waxes and mineral oils, this type of mascara provides a robust waterproof ability.

Method to Apply Mascara the Right Way

Now that you know which type would be perfect for your lashes, it is time for the physical application. Read through the steps and follow them so that you can have a smooth mascara application without any clumps.

Step 1: Curl your lashes-

  • To maximize the effect of your mascara application, you should start it with curling your eyelashes. If you have an eyelash curler, now is the time to use it. You can start by winding the base first. Make sure to hold it for 10 seconds before moving to the middle. Squeeze it for another 10 seconds. Finally, curl the tips of your eyelashes and keep up the 10 seconds hold.
  • Instead of curling at a single go, doing the mentioned method can provide a fuller and more natural look.

Step 2: Place a tissue under your lower lashes-

  • Now that you have curled your lashes, it is time to apply your mascara. While you may think that you should begin on top, you should start with the bottom lashes first. This will prevent unnecessary smudging for the following methods.
  • To prepare for your application, place a tissue under your lashes. A spoon or the edge of a makeup sponge is also good alternatives.

Step 3: Apply it on your lower lashes-

Step 4: Add a second coat-

  • Whether you want to use your primary mascara or use another one to combine the effects, it is the time to apply a second coat. Do not wait for your first application to dry – it will result in clumping. Instead, add the next one as soon as you finished your initial coat.

Step 5: Look up as you apply on your upper lashes-

  • After taking care of your bottom lashes, you should look up. This will help lift your upper lashes and make application easier. Do not worry about any visual struggles. With a mirror by your side, you can still see what you are doing.

Step 6: Use a zig-zag motion with the mascara wand-

  • As you apply your mascara on your top eyelashes, you should opt for the zig-zag method. This means that you should start placing the brush on the base. Slowly, begin to move it back and forth. Continue to proceed until your entire eyelashes are coated.
  • With this method, you can give your lashes a well-defined and extended appearance.

Step 7: Apply a second coat-

  • Like with your lower lashes, it is also essential to apply another coat. However, do not overdo it – at most, you should only go for three rounds. With the second layer, you can use your first mascara or choose a different type. If you want to maximize your look, you can mix and match with the best mascara types for your situation.

Step 8: Curl your lashes again for a maximum effect-

  • Your first curls are good enough. However, if you want to achieve the perfect look, curling it once you finish the mascara application is a great idea. When you bend your lashes once more, you can help improve the appearance. It also helps keep your mascara for an extended period.

Tips and Tricks for Beginners to Put Mascara Perfectly

  1. Colored mascaras are perfect for events.

Have you ever heard of colored mascara? While you may think that they cannot be usable, they are ideal for events such as parties, reunions, and the like. Since you are applying them on your lashes, they do not look as flashy as other makeup tools. Instead, they give a subtle but attractive appearance that can catch anyone’s eyes.

  1. Wipe away excess formula from your wands before you use them.

Have you ever experienced any problem with clumping? One of the causes may be the excess products on your wands. Before you apply mascara on your eyes, remove the excess with a tissue. You can also opt to use the rim of your mascara to keep them away.

  1. Mascara primers provide an added boost.

While not all people have mascara primers, these makeup tools can provide an additional benefit. When you use makeup on your face, having a primer can help improve the result. The same thing applies to the mascara version.

While it is not essential to use mascara primers, it is something that you should try now and then.

  1. How to remove Mascara.

It is very important to get rid of all traces of makeup before sleeping every day. Removing mascara can be bit difficult at times. Here are some tips that you can use to remove mascara the easy way.

  • Cotton
  • Oils (olive oil or coconut oil)
  • Vaseline

Use a dab of olive oil/ coconut oil and apply them to your eyelashes with the help of a cotton ball. Very gently slide down the cotton ball over your eyelashes to wipe out the mascara. Repeat this process until mascara is removed completely. The benefit of olive or coconut oil is that they moisturizes and smoothen your skin.  Wash your face nicely once you have removed all the makeup. Don’t forget to hydrate your face afterwards.

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