How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner – A Step by Step Tutorial

How to apply liquid eyeliner
How To Easily Apply Liquid Eyeliner

Are you looking for an easy way to apply your eyeliners? Yes? Then you are at the right place on the web, Applying Eyeliners shouldn’t be as difficult as people make it look. Amongst all the skills in my makeup arsenal, the eyeliner is one that I’ve never fully mastered. I could do a contour correctly, I could correctly shape your eyebrows but hand me a tube of liquid eyeliner, and I’ll be cut from reality and full of fear, my attempts will always turn out to be smudged and bumpy. So like every other bothered lady, I turned to the pros for help, and before I knew it, I was perfect at Applying Liquid Eyeliner without any form of stress whatsoever. Below I have decided to share my skills with you; I have stated the best tips you could use to get that sleek and professional eyeliner look without stress. Read on…’How to apply liquid eyeliner step by step’

What You Require For The  Perfect Eyeliner

  • Primer
  • Concealer
  • Eyeliner (with an eyeliner brush if needed)

Before talking about the application of eyeliners, it’s imperative to go through the basics of the kinds of eyeliners there are out there that could be utilized.

The Types Of Eyeliners

1. Gel Eyeliner: Though this may appear intimidating in the beginning, it is probably going to become your very best friend if you love the infamous cat eyes. They most times come in pots, so you will require utilizing a suitable brush for it.

2. Liquid Eyeliner: The liquid eyeliners are great for precise application. The liners come in two different types of packaging, a little vial like a bottle with an exact and excellent dipping brush, and a marker kind pen with a felt tip.

3. The Pencil Eyeliner: The Pencil Eyeliner is usually the first one we all began out with. It’s most appropriately utilized to arrange the water line and also to make a smokey appearance.

How To Easily Apply Eyeliners

1. Keep your eyes open: It’s entirely instinctual to close your eyes while you apply eyeliner or shadow to the lid. But the moment you shut your eyes up, you lose the ability to draw a perfect line. You need to keep both eyes somewhat open and squint in your mirror as you make your liner. You will have a better chance to Guage where it more lift or thinning is necessary. 

2. Put on eyeshadow primer as a first step: Stop the inky color from touching all over your lids by using an eyeshadow primer before putting on liquid eyeliner. The added primer could help liners dry a bit faster than on a naked eyelid which could often be greasy naturally. 

3. Draw your eyeliner with a pencil first: The liquid eyeliner has the potential to appear like sheer watercolor with only a layer. So, double it up. The perfect way to wax a cat eye if you are a learner is, to begin with a pencil to draw the preferred shape and then top up with the liquid eyeliner to make for a more opaque finish.

4. Utilizing several short dashes instead of a long stroke is a great idea: Unless you are sure to be a professional at makeup application, getting even winged eyeliner in a swoop is usually a tough task. So instead take a connect the dots approach; it’s very best to start lining mid-lash line and pushing your way out in a series of short dashes, building the lines as you go on. So even with shaky hands, you could quickly pull off the shorter strokes.

5. Do not use the makeup remover to fix your mistakes: Getting perfect with the liquid eyeliner is a process that often calls for patience and of course mistakes are inevitable. If you fail at first, dampen up the tip of a Q tip with some water-based, not makeup remover – to clean it. Do not utilize any makeup remover; it will only step in the eyeliner and make it smear or run. 

6. Be sure to replace the thin brush that came with your eyeliner: Those superfine and flimsy brushes that come with the liquid liner tubes are not always the best brushes used to get the perfect winged eyeliner especially if you were a novice. Your idle brush has to have some stiffness and yet be soft and flexible enough to hug the lash line and make a fluid sweep. Length also is crucial for precision too. The idle brush should be less than one centimeter. Use a sturdy angled brush or something with a silicone edge.

7. Look for a straight edge to use as the guide for the perfect wings: The winged eyeliner is very difficult to achieve, so use a cheat by merely utilizing a stencil. Get a hold of your credit card and position it towards the edge of your outer eyelid facing up sharply. Making use of an eyeliner pencil, put in a dull trace line that you could follow with your liquid eyeliner. It’s an absolute way to get symmetrical wings. You could as well utilize tape, the end of your makeup brush or a business card to achieve a straight line. 

8. Some money by squeezing a felt tip that is dried out: Similar eyeliner pens that make the application of liquid eyeliner look easy could run out at the most inappropriate time. But there is a way to revive dried up products. Turn it upside down in a glass of water for an hour and then shake the ink down the nib. The moment it has had a chance to resoak, squeeze on a sheet of paper till the liquid makes its way back through the felt tip. Another great idea is to store your pencils upside down, this way all the ink flows to the tip of the tube. 


So there you have it, some tissue to help anybody create fantastic eyeliner without having to make a mess of their make-up. I hope this post helps and have a great life. Cheers..

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